3D origami

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3D origami peacock (the king of birds) tutorial (instruction)

Shows a detailed stepwise assembly peacock (the king of birds) 3D origami. This peacock made own hand will be a great gift or decoration of the interior.

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3D origami tank (panzer) tutorial (instruction)

This video shows a detailed stepwise assembly tank (panzer) 3D origami. this tank is a great gift boyfriend, the father or brother.

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3D origami valentine 3D heart volume tutorial (instruction)

This video is a detailed and step by step assembly 3D origami heart volume. Such a heart - it's a great romantic gift for the New Year or Valentine's Day.

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3D origami horse tutorial instruction

This video shows a detailed step by step assembly and a horse of origami pieces (modules). Can use a horse as a holiday symbol or totem at a meeting of the New in 2014, 2026, 2038 - the year of the blue wooden horse on the Chinese (oriental, eastern) calendar

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